Linky is your friendly intranet URL shortener. Its made to be simple to setup, simple to use, and simply useful. Linky is based off of a number of internal URL shorteners that exist in many large tech companies in the Silicon Valley.


StockMarkit is a ruby library for interacting with the Markit On Demand apis. It covers stock lookup, quotes, and charting in an intuitive library that's easy to use.


Just as crane operators can see where all the containers are in the shipyard, CraneOperator gives you a simple web interface for browsing around a Docker Registry running version 2.0+


Hippie is a webhooks system for HipChat notifications and /commands built with padrino. It makes posting into HipChat rooms easy by providing a simple webhook-based interface to post to.


ObStore is a smart persistent Object store for ruby. It allows you to persist any ruby object to disk for later. It also provides functionality automatically expiring objects from the ObStore database based on time.
(great for caching stats for monitoring services)


A gem for working with RSA encrypted strings and storing it locally in a secure manner. Credstore allows you to work with strings in your code but save them encrypted.

Humanize Boolean

A simple gem to add the humanize method to booleans. humanize_boolean also support i18n out of the box and dovetails quite nicely in to a rails app.


A gem for working with the yelp v2 api like an Activerecord Model. Yelp4Rails looks and acts like an Activerecord model because working with an api shouldn't be hard.


A simple, dirty, & lightweight ruby HTTP client gem. HypeText supports GET and POST functions. Its designed to be a lightweight and easy-to-use HTTP client when all you need to do is a quick little HTTP call in your code.


The IRC bot framework gem. Spunk was inspired but Sprinkles but takes it a few steps further (mainly because Sprinkles appears to be abandoned). Spunk makes it dead-simple to create an IRC bot or script.


The IRC bot and Webserver that uses Spunk. If you want an extendable IRC bot that just works, look no further, Bender is here for all your IRC needs. Bender uses Spunk... so you know its good.